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Insight into The Wholeleaf Story

The Wholeleaf Company was founded in 2007 after inspiration was sparked while on a visit to India, where we discovered the potential of areca palm fronds. We had a light bulb moment, realising that we could reuse them as natural tableware. The naturally fallen palm leaves hold the potential to be transformed into sustainable tableware, rather than ending their life cycle when they are shed. The production process is simple: we collect the palm fronds, rinse them in water, and heat press them into strong, compostable tableware. The process is chemical free and sustainable.

Our tableware is produced by lovely people in India, where we provide employment for rural communities. The production facilities are located in Southern India, the home of our employees who have a warm, welcoming culture, making us feel at home since 2007. We provide a clean, safe working environment where employees receive a fair living wage. All of us at The Wholeleaf Company are incredibly grateful for our amazing employees. 

Because Wholeleaf tableware is sustainable, compostable, and durable, it is perfect for events and weddings. The tableware is lifecycle+, meaning that the palm fronds fall naturally, we collect them, you use them, and they are composted back into earth. As climate change manifests into a climate emergency, we need to find ways to adapt and live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

The mission behind Wholeleaf is to provide a product that allows us all to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We are committed to saving our planet from climate change, and believe that humans hold the responsibility to innovate and adapt in order to do so. 

As a sustainable business, we are proud to work with companies that support our mission. Among the outstanding businesses we collaborate with are Acme Fire Cult at 40ft Brewery, Hip Hop Brunch, Soho House, and Birch Hotel. Recently, we had the opportunity to connect with like-minded businesses at the Hotel Restaurant & Catering Show, an amazing opportunity to spread our message of sustainability. For caterers, restaurants, and hotels, Wholeleaf bulk items are convenient and ideal for promoting sustainable food. 

Wholeleaf tableware is a feel good product, and the perfect addition to gatherings with friends and family. As summer unfolds, host your events and weddings using tableware that is sustainably produced, chemical free, durable, convenient, and compostable. Not to mention, the tableware fits in perfectly with any outdoor event.

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