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Hip Hop Brunch London X Wholeleaf Sustainable, Durable, Convenient Palm Leaf Tableware

Hip Hop Brunch London is a bottomless brunch restaurant and club that has re-introduced the London hip hop culture. The bottomless brunch hour is followed by a two course meal, all while guests experience Hip Hop throwbacks and entertainment. Hip Hop Brunch has completely changed the bottomless brunch experience, bringing ideas to the table that no one would ever think of. Their brunch gatherings are vibrant, colorful, hilarious, and delicious. Guests are met with unique entertainment such as Sharpie tattoo artists and magicians. 

The Wholeleaf Company is proud to work with such a unique, wild, and brilliant business. We supply Hip Hop Brunch with our sustainable, compostable palm leaf tableware to support their extravagant endeavors. Wholeleaf tableware is durable, convenient, and perfect for lively gatherings with friends and family. While guests sip on delicious mimosas, they are served two course meals on palm leaf tableware. Hip Hop Brunch has altered the restaurant sphere and is simultaneously using sustainable resources to do so. We are happy to collaborate with such an inventive and vibrant business to continue spreading the message behind Wholeleaf sustainable tableware.  

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