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The Wholeleaf Co. Chef Favorite: Acme Fire Cult & Sustainable Dish Creations

The Wholeleaf Company enjoys collaborating with sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs in hopes of sharing the responsibility of creating products that will save our planet. Acme Fire Cult, created by the fantastic chefs Andrew Clarke and Daniel Watkins, is a revolutionary live fire-concept, having recently opened a restaurant at 40ft Brewery. The two chefs have virtually perfected the sustainable cooking movement, creating plant based dishes. The plant based movement is a crucial aspect of adapting to a sustainable lifestyle and protecting the Earth from climate change. Acme Fire Cult has found creative ways to serve dishes that are vibrantly flavoured and plant based. As the two chefs continue to pave the way for a sustainable food industry, The Wholeleaf Company will continue to support and promote their endeavors. Acme Fire Cult and 40ft Brewery have been using our sustainable, compostable palm leaf tableware to serve their plant based meals. We are proud to collaborate with an innovative and revolutionary pair of chefs and are excited to try their new dishes at 40ft Brewery this summer season. Head out to 40ft Brewery to try sustainable dishes and use our palm leaf tableware

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