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Wholeleaf Tableware: Sustainable, Compostable, Lifecycle+ Impact on the Earth

As plastic pollution increases and climate change continues to rise, humans must adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. The Earth is home to millions of incredible species, but humans have the power to affect climate change on a mass scale. Plastic pollution is one of the leading contributors to climate change, impacting Earth’s marine environments and entire ecosystem. The demand for plastic products is growing exponentially, meaning that the production process emits high volumes of greenhouse gasses. According to The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), plastic production is projected to take up 20% of oil consumption by 2050. Additionally, the disposal process for plastic products is almost entirely unsustainable. Only 16% of plastics are actually recycled, the remainder are placed in landfills and typically end up in bodies of water or forests. This collection of plastic pollution in lakes, rivers, oceans, and the forest harms both animals and the climate. 

As humans, we obtain the ability to affect climate change in a positive way. The high demand for plastic products is directly correlated with our ability to find alternatives. As climate change continues to rise, it manifests into a climate emergency. We must adapt to our changing environment and adopt ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Palm leaf tableware is sustainably and ethically produced, with a completely chemical free process. The tableware is home compostable, and has zero carbon footprint. Unlike plastic products, palm leaf tableware leaves no trace behind and goes back into the earth as compost. Wholeleaf tableware is Lifecycle+, meaning that it is harvested, produced, and disposed of sustainably. When you buy Wholeleaf tableware, you are making a direct step toward protecting the Earth.

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