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Community of Sustainable Businesses Represented at the Hotel Restaurant & Catering Show

We were honoured to present our sustainable Wholeleaf tableware at the Hotel Restaurant & Catering Show and International Food Exhibition. We met many business owners who share our love of the planet and sustainability. We enjoyed being able to speak about our sustainable products and encourage others to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The Hotel Restaurant and Catering Show is a wonderful way for hospitality businesses to gather and collaborate. The show granted Wholeleaf the opportunity to spread our products’ mission and the story behind our brand

Wholeleaf tableware is sourced in India, where we provide jobs for rural communities. The palm leaves are sustainably sourced and produced, making Wholeleaf tableware a product that benefits both people and the planet. Our sustainable, compostable palm leaf tableware is perfect for summer gatherings, weddings, and outdoor catering. Wholeleaf bulk wholesale items are excellent value for caterers, restaurants, hotels, and storefronts. At Wholeleaf, we aim to connect with as many like-minded businesses as possible to spread the word of sustainability and protect our planet.

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