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Wholeleaf Project

Our Wholeleaf Project

It's simple really. India is a rapidly developing country but many people still find it difficult to get safe, rewarding work for a fair wage. We aim to employ as many underprivileged people as possible making palm leaf plates.

Our Business Model and Vision

As a startup business focused on sustainability, we are committed to developing eco-friendly PalmLeaf Tableware products that are elegant, beautiful, and natural. Since 2007, we have grown our business to the expansion of new and innovative products with an emphasis of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Consisting of bowls, plates, and cutlery we want to grow our brand while producing high quality products. We also advertise our products in bulk for catering and weddings

Product Source and Background 

Sourced from naturally fallen palm leaves in India. We partner with local farmers and manufacturers to acquire and create the products that represent a sustainable alternative to single use plastics. Through a simple process of water and a modified heat mold, the bowls, plates, and cutlery are formed and made.   

Passion for Sustainable Business Practices and Products

With a passion towards creating sustainable products that help preserve the environment, we are always developing and working towards partnering with local vendors, wholesalers, and restaurants here in London and across the United Kingdom. 

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