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Our story

The Wholeleaf Company was founded in 2007 by three friends, George, Peter and Adejare. We realised that we could reduce the amount of plastic and other non-biodegradable waste going to landfill around the world whilst helping to create a rural employment revolution amongst underprivileged people in developing countries so that's what we did. 12 years later through Dragon's Den, supplying Buckingham Palace, Glastonbury Festival, Soho House, Jamie Oliver and Waitrose amongst thousands of lovely customers we are still here and the rest is history.

Crafted with care

Every single Palm Leaf Plate, Bowl or platter has been meticulously designed in London and made by loving hands in rural India. We make sure our craftspeople have a fantastic, safe working environment which is totally free from any chemicals and that they get a fair living wage.


We can only use Areca Palm fronds once they have dried out and fallen to the ground naturally. Each of India's 60 billion Areca Palm trees sheds its frond every month. We simply pick the fronds from the ground, wash them in local spring water and heat press them into beautiful Palm Leaf Tableware.

The Areca Palm is endemic to India and is not the same as the palm used for palm oil. We help protect ancient rainforests and wild animals, not destroy them.