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Wholeleaf Tableware or a Parent's Superhero?

Life is hectic, let Wholeleaf Tableware help. Raising children goes hand in hand with a crazy meal time schedule. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, maybe one more snack, dinner, then a couple more snacks before bed: that’s a lot of dishes. Imagine making meal time easier by using tableware that can be transformed into compost for your garden, that’s what The Wholeleaf Company’s sustainably produced and compostable tableware can do for your family’s busy meal time schedule. Washing dishes multiple times throughout the day is not only time consuming, but uses a lot of water. Lessen your water usage and maximise your time by utilising compostable tableware. Wholeleaf tableware is not only compostable, sustainable, and convenient, but it is also chemical free. Unlike most disposable tableware that is sealed with a chemical compound to bind the materials, Wholeleaf tableware’s production process never uses chemicals. It’s simple: we collect naturally fallen Areca palm fronds, rinse them in fresh spring water, and heat press them into durable palm leaf tableware. While being the epitome of convenience, Wholeleaf tableware also aids in the process of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, a great lesson to teach the little ones.

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