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Palm Leaf Plates versus Bamboo Plates: A Sustainable Alternative

As summer gatherings and events approach, we should all be looking for ways to be a sustainable host. There are numerous options for reusable and sustainable tableware. Bamboo plates are a highly popular and trending reusable tableware option, but are they sustainable? As bamboo plates continue to rise in popularity, the production process expands on a grand scale. Bamboo products are typically grown on large scale farms, where they are the only plant being produced in that area. Therefore, this form of production leads to deforestation and a decline in biodiversity. 

Palm leaf tableware is a sustainable alternative to bamboo plates, produced from naturally fallen palm leaves. Wholeleaf tableware is produced in rural communities in India, collected from naturally fallen Areca Palm Leaves. These leaves fall each month, meaning that there is no need for mass production or large scale farming processes. Additionally, The Wholeleaf Company provides jobs for communities in rural India. All employees receive a fair wage and work in a healthy, safe, and chemical free environment. When hosting your next gathering, try palm leaf tableware and play your part in preventing deforestation and saving our planet. Our palm leaf plates are a wonderful alternative to bamboo plates for hosting sustainable parties this Spring. 


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