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Wholeleaf Tableware: A Camping Essential

Imagine yourself out for a weekend connecting with nature and cooking a meal over the fire. What tableware should you use? What would be the most sustainable option that is best for the Earth? The answer: Wholeleaf sustainable, compostable, and convenient palm leaf tableware. As any experienced outdoors person knows, a strict camping rule is “leave no trace behind”. When escaping to the forest for a weekend, one must analyse how they can be one with nature without disrupting it. Wholeleaf tableware is compostable, chemical free, and can be reused throughout a weekend. Instead of using paper plates and burning them in the fire, which releases pollutants into the atmosphere, use Wholeleaf tableware that can be composted back into the Earth as nutrients. When picking out your next camping spot, consider the effect you are having on the environment. Some of Wholeleaf's favorite eco-friendly campsites are Karma Farm Eco Campsite in Cambridgeshire, Eco Escape Campsite in Pembrokeshire, and Birch Hotel's camping experience. Both the Karma Farm and Eco Escape campsites are committed to eco-friendly practices, having implemented rules that ensure sustainability goals are being met. For example, Eco Escape plants one tree for every guest that visits the site. Additionally, they limit the size of the site to lessen their environmental impact. Birch Hotel, as unusual as it may seem, offers a camping experience for guests, coined "An Escape for the Explorers". When planning your next camping trip, choose an area that has already been camped out at, reducing the impact you have on the soil and ecosystem. Choose to reuse tableware items throughout your stay, and dispose of them at the campground compost or at home. Utilising eco-friendly camping gear is an excellent way to lessen your impact on the Earth. We recommend a wood-burning portable camp stove, rather than gas-burning that is harmful to the environment. Second-hand or rented tents are a great way to reduce waste. Stainless steel water bottles reduce plastic pollution while keeping you hydrated on a long hike. We all need to take time to appreciate the Earth’s natural beauty by taking a nice vacation in the fresh air. The Earth gives us pristine nature to relax in, we need to give back by camping sustainably and leave no evidence of our stay

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