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Wholeleaf: Celebrating Our Sustainable Small Business

Today being World Small Business Day, The Wholeleaf Company wanted to highlight our story and why we feel so passionately about our mission. Wholeleaf was founded in 2007 after a particularly powerful trip to India. We saw palm leaves littered across the forest floor and the abundant untapped natural resource presented an opportunity for sustainable tableware. The naturally fallen palm leaves would be transformed in a chemical free process. We take the areca palm fronds, rinse them with spring water, and heat them until they are shaped into durable, compostable tableware.

 Our small business relies on the employment of rural communities in India. Local craftsmen working in Southern India gather palm leaves to create the beautiful range of products you use today. Our employees receive a living fair wage and work in a warm, safe, and clean environment where they do an incredible job creating compostable, clean products. They give us every reason to feel grateful for our partnership while they support us in our journey to bring you the highest-quality goods.

Starting a small business and keeping it alive is no easy task, and we appreciate all the support you have given us. Everyone who has joined us in our mission to make our planet a better place during climate change has made our efforts worthwhile. Customers like you are the reason we do what we do and your decision to be conscious consumers in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle is inspiring. Wholeleaf tableware is all produced sustainably using no chemicals and is convenient, durable, and compostable. Wholeleaf tableware is perfect for gatherings with family and friends, outdoor events, and weddings. Wholeleaf bulk items are also ideal for caterers, hotels, and restaurants on any occasion. Celebrate World Small Business Day with us and support sustainable small businesses like Wholeleaf.

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