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Wholeleaf Tableware: Pubs Perfect Sidekick

The Wholeleaf Company enjoys collaborating with businesses that share our vision for a sustainable future. The Port Arms pub in Kent is a seaside pub offering premium beers and a wide selection of meals, including vegan and vegetarian options. The owner, James Stiles, shares our passion for sustainability and has been using Wholeleaf tableware to serve his pub-style dishes for over two years. James says “it has really revolutionised the way we serve food”. Our sustainable and compostable tableware is the perfect sidekick in the quick working environment of pubs. Palm leaf tableware is easily composted after use, eliminating the hassle of dish-washing, specifically helpful during the busy summer months. “It makes everything so much easier and quicker putting them on palm leaf rather than plates," pub owner James Stiles says. "And it gets the food out of the kitchen so much quicker”. Wholeleaf tableware is a sustainable and convenient alternative to other disposable dishware. Waste management is a serious issue facing pubs and restaurants, one that plays a role in climate change. By collaborating with businesses and spreading our message on living a sustainable lifestyle, a domino effect is set in motion where the whole planet can come together to protect our home from the disasters of climate change. 

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