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Wholeleaf Picnic Pack: An International Picnic Day Essential

Picnics are an opportunity to spend time with the people you care about while enjoying fresh air and delicious food. A beautiful Saturday afternoon on International Picnic Day is the perfect excuse to do just that. Just make sure to stock up on the essentials to enjoy the great outdoors—without harming the environment. BBC Good Food looked at ‘the best picnic hampers and baskets for summer 2022’ and found The Wholeleaf Company picnic pack to be the ‘best eco-friendly picnic basket.’

The kit provides enough tableware to last your family five or six meals, all while being chemical-free. Clean up with ease by composting all food scraps and palm leaf tableware after eating. The materials break down naturally and no trash is left behind, allowing you to walk away from your picnic guilt-free. The picnic pack is also lightweight, making food transport simple.

Try packing up your basket with a green menu to make sure your outing is even more eco-friendly. Cooking your meal from scratch using organic plant-based ingredients can make a world of a difference, especially when locally sourced from farmers markets or even from your own garden. Animal-based products are massive contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, making a vegetarian or vegan meal the standout choice with plenty of delicious options to choose from on the BBC Good Food website. 

Pack for the perfect eco-friendly picnic, go to a local green spot, and enjoy time with your family and friends on International Picnic Day.

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