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Plates Fit for a Queen: Wholeleaf Partners with the Royal Ascot

This week marks the beginning of Britain’s summer sports calendar,  with a brilliant display athleticism from the riders and stayers in the 2022 Royal Ascot. The five-day event has drawn impressive crowds despite the recent heat, gathering 60,000 racegoers each day, likely to amass a total attendance count of nearly 280,000 people by Saturday. Whether people are coming to enjoy the festivities, witness the competition, catch a glimpse of royalty, or show off their high fashion, the occasion has something for everyone, making it a wonderful time for Brits. The Ascot Estate is able to accommodate mass quantities of people and host stunning exhibitions, but big events like these lend themselves to unsustainable practices with abundant waste, water, and electricity consumption. That being said, this venue has made a commitment to identify and implement environmentally friendly operations where possible without interfering with the experience of racegoers.

The mounds of rubbish produced have the potential leave massive ecological footprints, but instead of sending the litter to landfills, all the cups and food containers for the 2022 Royal Ascot are either recyclable or biodegradable. Every piece of the compostable tableware will be turned into soil to be used on the Ascot Estate, keeping cleanup green and simple. The Wholeleaf Company is a proud partner of the Ascot Estate and provides medium and large sizes of durable palm leaf plates for event attendees year-round. Guests can eat delicious snacks and meals while watching the array of events the venue has to offer without concerns over polluting the environment with chemicals or plastic. The Ascot Estate has also committed to decreasing its annual energy consumption, moving even closer to its green goals. Whether you are watching the Royal Ascot this year in person or from a distance, you can rest easy knowing that the Ascot Estate is making concerted efforts to act sustainably while hosting this year’s iconic week of racing, fashion, and food.

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