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Wholeleaf's Guide to an Eco-Wedding

As the weather warms and planning for summer events begins, consider how you can host a wedding sustainably. Weddings are known for producing excessive amounts of waste, garbage, and other items that play a role in climate change. Tableware at weddings can either be a contributing factor to pollution, or it can be given back to the Earth. By using Wholeleaf’s wedding bundles, you will not only have a stylish dinner reception but also a convenient clean up. Being that Wholeleaf tableware is compostable, it can be transformed into nutrients as compost. Utilising palm leaf tableware allows you to include the gorgeous details and decor in an eco-friendly way. As we all grow more aware of eco-friendly practices, we realise the negative environmental impact of large gatherings. Choose to host an eco-wedding, simultaneously protecting the Earth and inspiring your guests to adopt more sustainable lifestyle practices. For more helpful eco-wedding tips, Wholeleaf loves the Green Union's along with those of Rock My Wedding. Good luck eco-planning!

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