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Wholeleaf Sustainable Lifestyle Tips

In today’s world, we all need to adapt our lifestyles to prevent the growing climate crisis. Humans have the potential to reverse climate change with simple changes in daily lifestyle choices. The Wholeleaf Company palm leaf tableware is a wonderful household item and party addition, but we hope customers make additional changes in their lives for the health of our environment. Daily habits like water usage, recycling, composting, and biking instead of driving are all steps towards lessening your carbon footprint. The way in which we choose to eat, the recreational activities we enjoy, and even our daily hygiene routines have an impact on the Earth. 

Wholeleaf recommends sustainable recipe exploration as a first step in the journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. The meat industry, specifically beef, has seriously negative effects on the environment and fuels climate change. Reducing your amount of meat consumption can significantly decrease your carbon footprint. Other dietary changes include plant based options, eating less processed foods, buying locally, and purchasing foods in bulk. Additionally, reduce your food waste by composting, which can be added to your garden…that’s a plus!

Your diet isn’t the only aspect impacting the environment, the recreational activities you choose do as well. Choose to go out for a hike on a cleared trail rather than going shopping at the mall. This supports the planet, and gives you some time in the fresh air. Furthermore, your daily hygiene routine impacts the Earth. Within your daily personal care, choose products in sustainable packaging or even re-fillable products. Wholeleaf recommends choosing a shampoo brand that offers refillable packaging. Khiel’s is a wonderful, organic brand that supplies re-fillable hygiene products. Your dental care has an impact on the environment as well, being a major contributor to pollution. Switch to an eco-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste tablets. One of Wholeleaf’s favorite brands is Hello, selling chewable toothpaste in aluminum packaging. Make a positive impact on the Earth by shifting your lifestyle to encompass eco-friendly practices. 

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