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How To Appreciate Earth Day and Eco Friendly practices!

What is Earth Day and the History behind it?

First held on April 22nd, 1970, Earth Day has become an annual event held around the world to promote environmental protection and security. Starting with just 85 employees and gaining support from both U.S. political parties, Senator Nelson and the Earth Day staff helped push forward and pass many Acts/Laws relating to sustainable business and recreational practices. 

The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and Occupational Safety and Health Act were monumental laws that helped bring change to unsustainable cultural practices around the world. In 1990, Earth Day would grow to 184 international and Governmental partnerships and reaching hundreds of millions of people that still continue to this day. 


Taking Action for the Best Results

Just starting and taking the first step is the most important step of changing habits or practicing new sustainable exercises. Daily practices such as buying disposable coffee cups, eating off of non-reusable plates, driving a gas-powered car, or buying single use plastics can negatively affect our environment and the many eco systems around it.


Similarities between The Wholeleaf Company and Earth Day

As a company, we aim to continue the production of creative and sustainable kitchenware from recycled palm leaves. Earth Day’s goals of ending plastic pollution and improving regenerative agriculture co-inside with our company’s goal of long lasting sustainability of recycling fallen palm leaves into beautiful and unique kitchenware. A link to The Whole Leaf Company’s story can be found here.


Eco Friendly Practices to maximize results

Practices such as sustainable fashion, planting trees, climate literacy and education, voting on legislation in favor of the Earth and Environment, and practicing global cleanup methods. Switching to sustainable practices can and can’t be an overnight adjustment. But the simple online purchase of our Wooden Cutlery or PalmLeaf tableware would be a great start to the process. 

First steps to being more Eco Friendly

  1. Posting more on Social Media- helps build positive stereotypes around eco-friendly practices. 
  2. Discover your own plastic and carbon footprint- Helps to understand an accurate amount of personal waste. 
  3. Create a plan or volunteer in community clean-up projects- Working with a third party to educate yourself and others on what is best for our environment.
  4. Take Action and strive to stay consistent on your personal plan.


Happy Earth Day! 

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