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World Health Day April 7th 2023


On April 7th, 2023, World Health Day will take place around the world apart of a campaign to promote personal health, healthier lifestyles, and accessible and affordable care to those in need. World Health day was first put into action in 1950 by the World Health Organization to promote health awareness towards mental, physical health, maternal and child care, as well as climate change. It has long been a staple of the World Health Organization as an internationally known movement to improve lifestyle and bring change to unsustainable and unhealthy practices.

Topics worth discussing and focusing towards

The World Health Organization has highlighted many topics of great importance that occur around the world. Topics such as mental health, air quality, agenda for sustainable development, child health, food safety, and nutrition rank as some of the most important areas of focus the World Health Organization. 


The WholeLeaf's commitment to personal health and sustainable practices

Our goal and purpose as a company is to provide you with the best compostable and eco-friendly kitchenware to our customers and advocate for environmental safety and health. World Health Day is a globally recognized day which embodies our company culture and supports our business model. The WholeLeaf company fully supports The World Health Organization and World Health Day. 


How you can practice World Health Day and build better habits

Personal Health is a large part of a sustainable and pro-active lifestyle. Practices such as food safety, prioritizing nutrition, drinking less alcohol, visiting the doctor regularly, and supporting mental health issues can make an impact worldwide and within your own community.  Among the many determinants to Personal, mental, and societal health. Personalizing these focus areas takes consistency and good habits, over time can create a healthy and a balanced routine. 

Thank you so much for reading and Happy World Health Day!


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