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UK Composting Week March 13-19th 2023

UK Compost week March 13-19th 2023 

UK Compost week highlights a week to encourage more people to compost old foods and compostable material. This week brings attention to the efforts being made to transform garbage into nutrient rich material that is sustainable and created to highlight eco-friendly agricultural practices.  Starting in Canada over 25 years ago, International Compost Week has grown to be recognised by large corporations, schools, non-profit organisations, and internationally known universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. 


Benefits of composting

By adding organic material to your soil, it strengthens soil health and structure that will improve the overall quality of the vegetation in your garden. By the daily practice of composting, it allows the soil to retain moisture and allow for the longevity of nutrients within the desired space. Self-sufficient farming is a sustainable practice that improves the overall quality of produce and individual health.

International awareness

The international and collaborative effort to spread awareness of the benefits of composting and the eco-friendly advantages it has for individuals has continued to spread and strengthen. Along with the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada also put an emphasis on the week to create a positive outreach to activists around the world.


The WholeLeaf Company’s commitment to sustainable practices 

As an organization, we encourage the practice of composting and sustainable practices. Our goal and mission is to create products that are environment friendly while providing the best quality Kitchenware products to homes, small businesses, and to our commercial partners. By purchasing our products, you will be using sustainable products that can and will naturally compost in your garden in just 6 weeks. 


The difference between Industrial and Home compostability 

Industrial compostability is the processing of green waste and compostable materials while allowing for the necessary pathogen control to create nutrient rich soil. The process to create 10mm of material takes about 12-13 weeks of stabilization through the correct temperatures in compact areas to control moisture levels. The product is also 100% recyclable.  

Home compostability, if properly used, can reduce personal and household waste. Methods such as collecting materials in a designated bin and actively spreading compost in your garden will ensure the high quality of soil and healthy produce. 


Social media presence

The widespread of access and awareness of movements such as UK compost week are directly attributed to the positive effects of the internet and Social Media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are at the forefront of spreading the mission and goals of Composting week to users who may have not been aware of UK Compost Week. Spreading messages through social media have presented creative and unique ways to promote and advocate for composting and other sustainable and environmental practices.

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Thank you for reading and Happy Compost Week. 


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