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Sustainable Valentine's Day

Nothing says love like caring for the earth! Here are some great ways to spend valentines day while being environmentally conscious. 

Look into Sustainable Chocolate Brands!

While I am a big fan of candy, especially on Valentine's day, Chocolate is even sweeter when it is ethically made! Look into brands that are fair traded and ethically sourced to have a more conscious gift. Here is a list of sustainable and ethical chocolates to pick from this February: 

Try to Stay Away from Hand-Picked Flowers

What?! No flowers on Valentine's day! While flowers are a token valentines gift, an abundance of pesticides are used to keep the flowers alive through the winter. Some alternatives to hand-picked flowers could be crochet flowers or resin flower necklaces. Crochet flowers will last your partner way longer than a few weeks and serve as a cute centerpiece no matter what time of year. Check out the Etsy stores below for great crochet flower bouquets.

Sustainable Jewelry Options 

Did you hear? Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend anymore! While a classic, there are more suitable options to fit the style of your partner and create sustainability. Here are some great jewelry brands to try!

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