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Plastics Ban, Starting in October 2023!

 Single Use Plastic Examples 

Plastic plates, bowls, straws, cutlery, cups, and containers will fall under a UK national ban to promote sustainable practices and products, while increasing environmental health by reducing plastic pollution. According to, 721 million single use products are thrown away and only about 10% of those plastic products are recycled. The Ban will be put into action in October of 2023, this allows businesses of all size and purpose to prepare and take necessary measures.

The WholeLeaf's Company's Products 

As an eco friendly driven business, Our products are fully compostable and are a natural product of the Earth. Through the simple purchase and use of our Palmleaf tableware products, you will be supporting re-usable and environmentally-safe methods to enjoy dinner with friends, a luxury event, or professional catering. We take pride in the production of our products, efficient delivery, and growing our business to new heights of sustainable practices. 

What This Means for The Hospitality and Food and Service Industries.

Putting an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly products, large and small businesses of all kinds will have to adapt to the legislation being instituted in October 2023. Converting day to day operations and methods that support the ban of single use plastic products are of the upmost importance and focus. For instance, according to WRAP (Waste and Action Resources Programme), McDonalds has installed recycling units in over 90% of their restaurants to counteract the amount of plastic being used and thrown away.  Another example comes from Hilton Food group, they converted their storage products to padless trays, which reduces their plastic footprint by 24 tonnes. Unilever has also continued to use and increase their use of reusable packaging company wide. 

-Accor Group 

5 Steps to Change Habits of Using Single Use Plastics and Adapt to New and Innovative Methods. 

  1. Support local businesses that specialize.
  2. Purchase sustainable and eco-friendly tableware products
  3. Use social media as a platform for positive promotion of the plastic ban legislation. 
  4. Participate in marine and local community clean up projects to keep our community and environment healthy. 
  5. Embrace alternative products such as paper straws, tableware sourced from fallen palm leaves, personalized coffee and tea cups, wooden cutlery, takeaway eco-friendly containers. 


-The WholeLeaf Company 


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