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How The Sustainability Industry Has Grown and Shaped London!

London's sustainability history

Cities, large and small, present the opportunity for growth of business and recreational activity. Urbanization has grown to become the center of almost 2/3rds of the world's population since 1900. London was at the center of the World for the Industrial Revolution and the development of industries of all kinds that introduced world commerce and trade. But this came at a cost to our environment and the protecting its well being. Preoccupied with the growth of manufacturing and industrial aspects of the city and economy, Londoners allowed the city to fall behind on environment protection. London all around the world and domestically was referred as "The Smoke". London's air quality and water quality of the River Thames was extremely poor. 

The most recent and catastrophic of events occurred in 1952, and is now known as "The Great Smog". This week long event killed as many as 12,000 Londoners and covered the city, which reduced visibility and was viewed as a National emergency. 

Changes made towards the environment and sustainability emphasis!

By 2050, London is projected to be home to 11 million people. The cities growth will present many challenges environmentally. London's makeup of land consists of 44 percent of green space. Which allows residents to enjoy the clean environment that London possess. 

The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 changed and focused London's attention on efficient and eco-friendly changes to the economy and unsustainable business practices. These acts outlawed the burning of coal of residential areas and industrial furnaces.  

Through London's history of the Great Smog, the Blitz, The Great Fire. London has learned and adapted to center itself around sustainability and environmental protection. For example, in October 2023, there will be a plastics ban that will limit single use plastic products from restaurants and stores of all kinds. 

Sustainability of the WholeLeaf Company

These changes and strong history of environmental focus towards sustainability and protection has inspired us to grow our business to make a local and global impact. Our products are sourced from India through an eco-friendly process of collecting fallen palms leaves that fall naturally every year. Our products are then collected, and through water and a simple heat press, our beautiful and artistic products are formed! We strive for a healthy environment and emphasis towards sustainable and eco friendly products

Thank you for reading! 

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