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How Nations Around The World Celebrate Earth Day 2023!

Common Goals of Preservation!
Earth Day is a great way to focus on and improve environmental issues of all kinds around the world. They allow people to understand a common goal of preserving the environment or taking action to help clean local communities, national parks, big and small cities, and our oceans. Each country celebrates Earth Day in various different ways. For example, Geography, environmental reliance, and history play a large roles on how Governments and normal citizens celebrate Earth Day. One country could see an organised parade or protests. Where you could see people choosing to commute to work differently (walk, bike, carpool). Any action snd focus towards environment preservation is great!

 European Countries

  1. The United Kingdom has a strong Industrial history that is represented here in London and across the country. Now London is a world leader in green space and sustainability. Volunteering to clean up parks and residential areas, walking or riding your bike to work is great for personal and environmental health. As well as planting one tree per person takes place in corporate organisations and schools across the nation.
  2.  France has a strong history of environmentalism and focus towards preservation. In 1990, France is recognised for the largest organised rally on Earth Day with millions of participants and different actions taking place.
  3. Italy is known internationally for its geography beauty and history. Given its location, many Italian towns and cities are located along the coast and on the sea. so ocean cleanup has more of an emphasis to keep micro and polluting plastics.

North and South American Countries

  1. The United States is one of the largest countries in the world with a growing population of over 330 million people. Waste prevention and environmental protection is a centre focus throughout the year and on Earth Day. Planting trees, volunteering for community cleanup projects, biking to work, and recycling plastic is a great start for building good habits for beyond Earth Day!
  2. Brazil- Due a growing population and economy, Brazil is facing a major deforestation problem in the Amazon rainforest. The planting of trees is vital to the preservation of the forest, but also the many species of animals and species of life living in the extended habitat. Plant more trees!
  3. Mexico- Similar to the United States, Mexico is known for its geographical beauty and sustainable lifestyle. Planting trees and changing everyday habits are among their celebration activities!

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