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Festival Season is Upon Us - The Wholeleaf Company Partners with Soho House Festival and Secret Garden Party for Sustainable Solutions!

Wholeleaf is thrilled to announce our partnerships with two iconic festivals: Soho House Festival and Secret Garden Party.

Get ready for an immersive festival experience that combines sustainability and style, as we join forces with these renowned events.

🌱 Our range of eco-friendly plates, bowls, platters, and cutlery are perfect for enjoying your favourited festival treats without compromising on the environment. We're proud to bring our sustainable products to Soho House Festival and Secret Garden Party, ensuring that you can have a positive impact while having fun.

✨ Soho House Festival:

 Gunnersbury Park, West London  Thursday 6 July and Saturday 8 July 2023

Soho House Festival is known for its creative and exclusive atmosphere, bringing together art, music, and culinary experiences. As a festival with a focus on sustainability and high-quality experiences, Soho House Festival has chosen Wholeleaf as their partner to provide eco-friendly dining solutions.

Join us at Soho House Festival and elevate your festival experience with our stylish and sustainable products.

You can buy tickets here: Soho House Festival Saturday (

🌿 Secret Garden Party:

 United Kingdom  July 20 - 23 2023  3 Nights

Secret Garden Party is a magical and immersive festival that celebrates creativity, community, and self-expression. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Secret Garden Party has partnered with Wholeleaf to offer festival-goers eco-conscious festival feasting.

Discover our range of palm leaf plates and bowls at Secret Garden Party and contribute to a greener festival culture.

You can buy tickets here: Book Tickets | Secret Garden Party

Our aim is to continue growing and strengthening our partnership with the festival community, and we hope to bring exclusive ticket discounts to The Wholeleaf Community in the future!

🎉 Join us and Make a Difference:

Wholeleaf is honored to be chosen by Soho House Festival and Secret Garden Party for our sustainable solutions. Together, we're creating festival experiences that inspire positive change and encourage conscious choices. Join us at these incredible festivals and be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable and enjoyable festival season.

Stay tuned for more updates on our participation in Soho House Festival and Secret Garden Party.

Follow us on social media to stay connected, and as part of the Wholeleaf community, you'll be the first to know about special offers and exciting festival-related content. 

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If you see us at the festival, join us in soaking up the summer vibes! We can't wait to connect with you. So come and say hi. 

Remember to prioritize safety while enjoying the festivities! Let's ensure we celebrate responsibly and create unforgettable memories while taking care of ourselves and those around us.

🌟 Special Offers For Festival Feasting Essentials:

25% Off Large Platters and Medium Square Plates!

For a limited time, we are excited to offer an exclusive discount on two of our popular products. Wholeleaf is currently offering a fantastic 25% off on our palm leaf serving platters and medium square palm leaf party plates.

Large Compostable Palm Leaf Serving Platter

Perfect for Sharing and Showcasing

Impress your guests and fellow festival-goers with our large platters. Whether you're serving a delicious array of appetizers, showcasing mouthwatering desserts, or presenting a vibrant buffet, these platters are your ultimate companion. With their generous size and stylish design, our large platters make a statement while keeping sustainability at the forefront.

Medium Square Compostable Palm Leaf Plate

Versatile and Stylish

Our medium palm leaf plates are a versatile choice for any festival occasion. They are ideal for serving a variety of delectable bites, from finger foods and tapas to street-style snacks. With their sleek square shape and sturdy construction, these plates bring an elegant touch to your dining experience while promoting eco-consciousness.

Don't miss out on this exclusive discount! Explore our online store now and take advantage of the 25% off offer on large platters and medium square plates.

Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls | The Wholeleaf Company – The Wholeleaf Company

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