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Celebrating International Women's Day and Month

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is a globally recognized holiday that brings attention to issues surrounding equity in the workplace, women’s empowerment, women’s health, and disparities and discrimination of all kinds towards women. In 1975, the United Nations approved the international agreement to highlight March 8th as International Women’s Day. The organization and movement has grown to be recognized by 27 countries worldwide.

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#EmbraceEquity and #BreakTheBias are the center of the International Women’s Day’s attention to campaign and raise awareness of the many issues that women face on a daily basis in all settings. #EmbracingEquity is the 2023 theme centered around missions of Women forging Change, Women and Technology, Women’s empowerment, women and sport, women creatives, and women’s health.  

Embracing equity correlates to other important topics such as diversity and inclusion. International Women's Day made it a goal to separate and make clear the difference between equality and equity and how it’s perceived by their audience. Equity can be explained as providing circumstantial needs to people, whereas equality is providing everyone the same opportunity no matter the skill set or expertise, an illustration can be found here.


‘Where Women Work’

International Women's Day created ‘Where Women Work’, which is a platform that allows women to connect them to suitable employers to achieve their full potential. Female candidates are able to make more accurate and informed decisions regarding job positions. 



Women and Sports #BreakTheBias

Sports are a large part of all cultures around the world and are largely known for the love and passion of their loyal fans. Celebrating women athletes and their accomplishments have progressed movements of involvement and equal access. Internationally known sports franchises such as the Dallas Mavericks and Manchester United Football Club have publicly expressed their interest to #BreakTheBias.


Social Media and Media Involvement

Social Media and marketing media has a very large part in the advocacy and the spread of the International Women’s Day’s missions and goals for 2023. Taking part in posting positivity and supporting the movement will push forward and spread awareness of the organizations goals. 



International Women’s Day has partnered with many in-kind and likeminded organizations that share visions and seek mutual benefit through sponsorship. John Deere, DHL, Honeywell, NorthropGruman, European Investment Bank and Nottingham Trent University have sponsored International Women’s Day to further the development of their programs, and to embrace and cultivate an ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. A link to the sponsors and their mutual interests and goals can be found here.


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