Palm Leaf Plates

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Hello, we're The Wholeleaf Co. and we're here to help you have a unique, waste free event and dine in sustainable style on palm leaf plates.

Our aim is to bring fair employment to as many people as possible in rural parts of India where our palm leaf plates are ethically made.

We started The Wholeleaf Co. in 2007 when we realised a huge amount of naturally shed leaves were simply being burned in India and at the same time the UK was creating huge mountains of waste from disposable tableware. so since then we've been producing natural, super strong Palm Leaf Plates that help you make a difference to the Planet and people's lives

Our Products

Products from Wholeleaf are made from naturally fallen Indian palm leaves. We transform the leaf into a disposable plate, bowl or platter by washing it in locally sourced spring water and then heat press it into shape.

Our disposable plates bowls and wooden cutlery make fantastic party plates and tableware have a look through our selection.

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